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  • 15 Ways Smoking Can Affect your Looks: Probably all smokers know that cigarette smoking is dangerous to their health. It can cause cancer, respiratory diseases, ruin their teeth and last but not the least, it does damage ...
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eciglowbat 1024x768 Ways To Assure That Your V2 Cigs and VaporFi Cigs Wont Die On You

Millions of smokers around the globe had already turned their backs to traditional cigarettes and had embraced electronic cigarettes. They find top brands such as V2 cigs and Vaporfi cigs more appealing than real ones, and why not? E-cigs boast a lot of advantages including cheaper prices, more freedom to smoke in public/indoor places, no harmful chemicals included, more options to choose and many more. However, there are also drawbacks of switching to E-cigarettes. They run out of battery power and they cant easily be bought on the streets like traditional cigarettes. If your V2 cigs or Vaporzone cigs die down on you while you are on the road, then chances are if you are still craving for nicotine, you may be tempted to go back to traditional cigarettes again.

Dont let this happen to you! Here are some tips on how you can assure that your V2 cigs and Vapor Zone cigs would not die down on you while you are on the go. Read on.

Try disposables
So instead of buying traditional cigarettes, you can just opt to buy disposable E-cigarettes instead. You can buy disposable E-cigarettes easier than rechargeable (on gas stations, grocery stores and supermarkets) and is also cheaper (has the same cost of a pack of traditional cigarettes). Better yet, buy a disposable e-cigarette beforehand and bring it with you all the time. it would be your backup plan in case of emergency. To help you with that, here’s a V2 cigs coupon for you to save 10% in your V2 cigs disposable ecig purchases. Disposables are not as powerful as rechargeable E-cigarettes but it’s a thousand times better than settling back to traditional cigarettes.

Get extra batteries
This vapor Fi review mentions that you should make sure to grab extra Vaporfi batteries and V2 cigs batteries. You can use one while keeping the other fully charged, so when you see the flashing LED light meaning the battery power is already low, simply unscrew the atomizer and attach it to the other battery. As long as you always have an extra fully charged battery with you all the time, your E-cigarettes would not die down on you. If you are using Vaporzone ecigs, we know that their batteries are quite expensive. Expensive but totally worth it because they have the most powerful batteries in the industry having up to 2000mAh in their batteries. To help you buy a spare vaporfi cig battery, here’s a Vapor Fi coupon that you can use to get instant discount.

Of course, even the most organized people sometimes forget things and this can apply to e-cigarettes too. You may have bought V2 cigs disposables or vaporfi extra batteries but without a carrying case to handle them all, then you may still forget these extras. So invest in a useful accessories like carrying case. But better if you will invest in a portable charging case. This accessory is a great way to keep other essential components with you at all times and at the same time it is the perfect backup plan to assure that your E-cigarettes wont die on you because it can charge it while you are on the go. Both V2 cigs and Vapor Zone ecigs have a great line of E-cigarette accessories, carrying case and portable charging case for you. Use this Deal: V2 cigs 15% coupon code to get instant discount on your accessories today.

The v2 cigs coupon codes and vapor zone discount offers linked to this page have been checked by me to ensure that they work at the time of this post (march 2014).

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The electronic industry is growing and growing and nothing can stop it. This is because people are already seeing the many advantages of it. Switch now and join the vaping community!

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Dissecting A Blu E cigarette 2 Dissecting A Blu E cigarette And Some Blu Cig Coupons For You

This week we found some great Blu cig coupons at perfect for those of you who wants to start vaping but just want to invest as little as possible before your ally dive in. It is also perfect for those who are already vaping and just want to stock up on their Blu cigs supply because Blu ecig is awesome and you would probably want more and more of it! There’s a blu e cig coupon that will allow you to get 20% off flavor cartridges, there’s also a blu discount code that you can use to save 5% on all starter kits. And more Blu coupons there.

But why should a smoker choose Blu cigs instead of other E-cigarette brands?

Well to start with, Blu cigs is one of the top E-cigarette brands around. Millions of satisfied customers use Blu ecigs including celebrities and Hollywood stars. The brand is so famous that it is the only brand that you can found at any gas stations, groceries and supermarkets around the US. They are famous for their high quality products and E-cig innovations that no other brand can give. Their e-cigarettes may be the same size and shape as traditional cigarettes, but there’s a lot more cool technology in it than traditional cigarettes. A technology that can give you the same feeling and taste of smoking but without all the harmful effects of it. No smoke, no smell, no ash, no fire, and most importantly no deaths.

So what precisely is inside a blu electronic cigarette? Let us dissect the parts of Blu cigs and what it’s made up with to really realize why is it one of the most sought out brand around.

Silicone Tip

The mouthpiece of a Blu cig has a silicone tip to prevent any leakage from the reservoir of flavored smoke juice. The mouthpiece also features one hole for intake. This is where you inhale the water vapor produced by the e-cig. This intake hole is designed to maximize the draw and resistance of the vapor when you inhale. It provides a sensation that is very similar to how it feels to take a drag on a traditional cigarette.

Flavor Cartridge

The flavor cartridge of Blu ecigs contains the E-liquid smoke juice –  flavored e-liquid made up of water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings – which is heated to become vapor and give you the throat hit and a smoke-like vapor to imitate the way you feel when you are smoking traditional cigarettes. Blu is the very first E-cigarette brand that is brave enough to manufacture their own E-liquids here at the US. At the time where other brands are all getting their E-liquids in China, Blu ecigs had already partnered with famous juice maker Johnson Creek to custom blend their E-juices.

Blu e-juices comes in different nicotine strengths 0%, 0.6%, 0.8%, 1.2%, 1.6% and also in different flavors including Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Piña Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Vivid Vanilla. Each cartridge lasts for about 250 – 300 puffs (approximately 1 pack of traditional cigarettes) and cost about $12 for 5 packs.

The cartridge also includes an atomizer. This atomizer uses the heat produced by the battery and transforms it into water vapor. The flavor cartridges are replaceable so when it is empty, all you need to do is unscrew it from the batteries, dispose it and then replace it. You can try all of your favorite cartridges and swap them out at will. Each cartridge lasts for about 250 – 300 puffs.


Blu batteries are very reliable and very stylish at the same time. The battery is housed in a black metal tube with the blu™ logo on it and has the specially-designed lithium-polymer battery. It can be charged over and over as needed and can be charge using a wall charger, a usb charger, a car charger and through Blu’s charging pack which is perfect for those who are always on the go.


The tip of a blu eCigs electronic cigarette lights up every time you inhale on it an it lights up in blue. This color had been their trademark for so many years now. This signature blue tip is more than just a conversation starter. The LED light will signal when it needs to be recharged. It helps make sure you have a blu battery ready when you are!

The e-cigarette reviews are clear, Blu cigs is absolutely a must try electronic cigarette brand. So head over to Blu and buy one and dont forget to use the Blu electronic cigarette coupon we provided. Enjoy!

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15 Ways Smoking Can Affect your Looks 15 Ways Smoking Can Affect your Looks

Probably all smokers know that cigarette smoking is dangerous to their health. It can cause cancer, respiratory diseases, ruin their teeth and last but not the least, it does damage in their appearance. The effects of smoking over time can be seen by the naked eye, enough that Dr. Douglas Model coined the term “smoker’s face” in 1985 to describe the long term physical changes. So there’s what you called Poker Face, and then there’s what we called Smoker’s Face

Here are 15 characteristics of a Smoker’s face.

Dehydrated Skin: Studies show that smokers have more wrinkles, gauntness and dullness than non-smokers. This is because of the carbon monoxide emitted by the cigarette smoke displacing oxygen in the skin and depleting the nutrients that help protect and repair skin damage.

Eye bags: It is proven that smoking can cause lack of sleep as the effect of nicotine is sometimes very prevalent during the night. And because of lack of sleep, smokers wake up in the morning with bags and dark circles under their eyes.

Thinner Hair: Toxic chemicals can damage the DNA in hair follicles resulting in thinner hair and early graying. It can also result to hair loss and baldness for both men and women if you really smoke a lot.

Cataracts: More than half of Americans have developed cataracts to some degree by the age of 70 and one of the main causes of cataracts is smoking cigarettes because it puts oxidative stress on the lens of the eye .

Too Small Tummy or Too Big Tummy: Studies show that cigarette smoking can be an appetite suppressant which can result to the smoker not eating enough food and having a really small tummy. However, recent study also showed that smokers have more visceral fat than those who do not smoke. Either way is not good for anyone’s health.

Stretch Marks: Fibers and connective tissues found in the skin can be damaged by smoking thus causing them to loose elasticity and strength.

Skin Cancer: A smoker is more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma, which is a type of skin cancer.

Warts: Smokers are more at risk of contracting human papillomavirus, which is a large family of viruses that can cause warts.

Slow Wound Healing: It is proven for so many times that smoking can significantly slow down any wound healing. Worst, it can also slow down your recovery to any medical procedures. In fact, many cosmetic surgeons are even wary of performing procedures on those who smoke.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an autoimmune-related skin condition which can affect smokers. The risk of developing psoriasis when you smoke increases by 20% and as much as 60% for those smoking 10-20 years.

Stained Teeth: Want pearly white teeth? Then quit smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes stains teeth and no teeth whitening procedures can ever solve this dillemma.

Premature Aging: Studies show that smoking can accelerate aging as it reduces the blood supply that keeps skin tissue supple and healthy.

Yellow Fingers and Nails: Your teeth are not the only one that nicotine can turn yellow. It can also stain your fingers and nails. The nicotine contained in the cigarette smoke will easily attach and stain everything it comes into contact with.

Scarring: Because nicotine reduces the flow of blood in the blood vessels, it reduces the amount of oxygen-rich blood to flow to the different parts of the body. This will not only cause wounds to take longer to heal but will also leave bigger and redder scars.

Dental problems: Smokers are at risk to oral cancer, gum disease and tooth loss. In fact, smokers are 6 times more likely than non-smokers of developing gum disease.

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